Tuesday, September 21, 2010, 7pm

16-19 Upper Saint Martin's Lane

Covent Garden

London WC2H 9EF

To Purchase Your Seat Call: +44 (0) 207 240 5534

Baller Strip Poker Championship 2010:

Baller Strip Poker is a genius varient of Strip Poker which resembles Texas Hold'em but only incorporates two rounds of betting. Most Importantly, players do not strip, professional exotic dancers to do the stripping for them, making the whole game much much much more Baller. Tickets are £200 each and include Free Entry into the club, the Moet & Chandon cocktail reception, Your Seat in the Game, and £100 Angel Dollars for use during the game. A portion of all proceeds are donated to a cancer research charity.


  • • Players are each given a single token to denote their participation in the game
  • • Dancers are given a single token with their name displayed on the token
  • • Players and Dancers socialize during cocktail reception, and at any point during the reception, Players may request the lady of their choosing to be their Strip Poker Partner. (This is exclusively Player's Choice – Ladies may only have ONE partner and Players only one Dancer)


  • • At the signaled time, Dancers leave the cocktail reception and take position behind a seat at one of the poker tables (One dancer to a Seat)
  • • Players find their Dancer and sit in the cooresponding seat
  • • 8 Player/Dancer couples to a table
  • • Players high card for dealer position


  • • Each Item of Clothing is worth one bet – each Dancer wears FIVE items of clothing (bra and panties count as a single item of clothing and are always the final item of clothing)
  • • There is ONE blind – to the left of the dealer
  • • The Flop is Dealt BEFORE any betting takes place
  • • Betting begins AFTER the flop – and the only option is to FOLD or CALL
  • • After all Players have made their decisions, the Players remaining in the round then turn their cards on their backs
  • • The Turn and the River cards are then dealt at the same time with NO Burn Card between the Turn and the River cards being dealt
  • • There is NO BETTING ROUND following the Turn/River Round
  • • The Losing Player's Dancers blindfold their player, and then perform ONE dance (stationed behind her Player), removing the appropriate number of clothing items.
  • • IF A PLAYER/MORE THAN ONE PLAYER BUSTS OUT IN A HAND – The Player's Dancer performs her strip tease as a private dance for the winning Player at the winner's seat.
  • • In the event of a Split Pot, no items of clothing will be removed by either dancer


  • • This is a limit game – MAX BET each betting round is ONE item of clothing.
  • • In the event of an ALL IN where one Dancer has less than TWO items of clothing remaining, there will be NO betting option before the Turn/River Round.
  • • If a Player WINS any round with TWO POCKET QUEENS AND A QUEEN ON THE BOARD – he may, at the Player's option, but before the next hand, ask any Player's Dancer to perform a Strip tease dance at the winner's seat. This will count as one item of clothing OFF the Player's Dancer that he has selected.
  • • Dancers are free to choose the order in which they remove their cloths except for bra and panties which will always count as the final item of clothing.
  • • Stockings count as ONE item of clothing, even if they are two individual thigh-high stockings.
  • • Garders, shoes and small accessories do NOT count as clothing items.
  • • Losing Player's will have their dancers strip behind their seats.
  • • Losing Players are BLINDFOLDED by their dancers before their Dancers strip.
  • • The ultimate winner will get a private dance at their seat from their own Dancer who will remove the remainder of her clothes.
  • • All Dances are One Minute Long except for each player's final dance, which will last a full song.


  • • Player posts the BLIND
  • • Deal to each Player
  • • Deal the FLOP
  • • Allow Players to CALL the BLIND
  • • All Players still in the hand following the betting will put their cards ON THEIR BACKS
  • • Deal the TURN and the RIVER with no burn card between the TURN and RIVER
  • • The Winner's Dancer stays clothed and the Loser's Dancer(s) strip